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Filmstudio for Video Tutorials

What we do? Like we wrote in the header: We explain in video!

Do you remember when you explained your little child something the first time? Did you do a drawing, or did you wrote a text?

Nothing of both, you demonstrate it by doing it! We do the same, but in video. So, for example, your customer can see which knob to push if he want to switch on the SOS light on his new flashlight and how it looks. Also the customer can see what expect to him, if he want to assemble a flat package shipped furniture, before he purchase it. We make explaining product videos, filmed manuals, filmed assembly instructions, filmed function declarations, video product demonstrations, screencasts and e-learning. This means technical illustration, Assembling Instruction, in German: technische Illustrationen, Aufbauanleitungen.
Please watch different samples we made for our customer.

How it works

To the point

It’s easy: You send us an email with a graphic tutorial, assembling instruction or what ever your product explains. In most cases we also need the product for a test. Than we make a calculation, which we send to you. In most cases we make the clips pantomimic, so it is international. That does not mean our actor wear white gloves, it means that we do not use words or text, just gestures. But if required we also have professional speaker! We try to make the clips as short as possible, and, and this is the most important, TO THE POINT!

What you get

What you get: satisfaction warranty

              • What you get for your money is an internet video  in HD 1080p quality (1920 × 1080) includes:

                • Scheme of the procedure, understand the instructions
                • Preparation of materials (sort, smooth operation, if necessary rework), etc.
                • Preparation of the set light
                • Filming of each scene
                • Detail photos (e.g. sticker) for overlays
                • Possibly create animations (e.g. the box moves apart scene of the Playmobil dollhouse)
                • Sift and sort of raw material
                • Section of the scenes (in a nutshell)
                • Dubbing (Select sound and music and cut)
                • Overlays (eg company logo), labeling of scenes (page numbers etc.)
                • Postprocessing of the raw material (color grading, sharpening etc.)
                • Rendering, compressing

Involved are 3-5 people per film. Please keep in mind that the look of “anything goes easy” requires a lot of effort and preparation that brings the audience the impression of “just filmed so besides”.
We want to make you satisfy!

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DEUTSCH: Technische Dokumentation, technische Illustration, Aufbauanleitung, Zusammenbauanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung, erklärende Produktvideos, gefilmte Bedienungsanleitung, gefilmte Zusammenbau Anleitung, gefilmte Montageanleitung, gefilmte Funktionserklärung, Video Produktpräsentation, Screencast, technische Dokumentation, technische Illustration, Video Bedienungsanleitung, technische Redaktion, technische Anleitung, Video Anleitung, Video Zusammenbauanleitung, Video Aufbauanleitung, Internet Video, Herstellung Video Tutorial, Herstellung Video Anleitung, Herstellung Video Aufbauanleitung, technische Dokumentation in Video, technische Illustration in Video,

ENGLISH: Explaining product video, filmed manual, filmed assembly instruction, filmed function declaration, video product demonstration, screencast, video tutorial, how to, technical documentation, technical illustrations, instructions, technical writing, user guide, technical guidance, technical documentation, technical illustration, assembling instruction, assembling instruction for flatpack products

FRENCH: documentation technique, des illustrations techniques, instructions, rédaction technique, mode d’emploi, des conseils techniques.

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